Hotels with day use are brilliant. You get a London hotel room from 10 in the morning till 6 at night for half the price. Ideal for rendezvous or for people who are travelling and business people for meetings.
I hate booking in. It’s probably just me but when I say “day stay” i feel like I might as well say “I booked your hotel for naughty sex with someone that isn’t my partner or husband… Feel free to judge me” 
The staff are very professional but I’m sure I see that eyebrow raise. Especially when I add that my partner/boyfriend/husband will be joining me later and can they just collect a key at the reception. I once had a staff member say my husband could collect the key if they said my name “do they know your name?” Cue fake laughter and “he’s my husband I hope he would/it’s the same as his” ….. 
Have you stayed here before?…. Now they know I have I saw you last week! 
Your paying cash right? … This one I like as I always smugly get my bank card out. Ha shove that up your judgemental ass! 
I’m normally given my receipt (I like to add that like I’m on business…) and I hear the man say. 
“Have fun…” 



Martin due to work commitments can’t get to see me as much as he would like but says he would like to meet me before work so he can see his little princess, so we arrange to meet on the river in a nice little restaurant. 
When I get there he has a little surprise for me. And under the table hands me this small vibrator which he instructs me to go to the toilet and “insert”. I pop to the toilets and excitedly follow my instructions. 

When I get back to the table he proudly shows me a small remote control. To which he turns the small purple toy on. It buzzes and stops. Ok this is quite exciting! 

We decided what we are eating and the waiter comes over to take our order. 

“Can I have the asparagus soooooup” wow …as I can see Martin sniggering with the buttons. And the chicken ceeeasar salad” I try my best to hold back my smiles. The waiter looks at me like I am on day release…. And walks off. We both laugh as he then presses the button again. Jesus! I’ve not laughed or been as turned on for a long while. 

The waiter returns with our drinks and Martin hits the button again. This time it’s a stronger vibration…. And doesn’t stop. I look at Martin and he looks puzzled. Yep it’s still going. “Ok turn it off now I shudder” no nothing it’s seems to be getting stronger. Martin is now in fits of laughter. The whole thing he says is turned off and looks at me like I’m imagining it…. And I’m sitting on what feels like a pneumatic drill. It feels like my entire body is shaking. Oh shit the waiter is coming back and I’m squirming around like I have fucking ants in my pants. He glances at me again and doesn’t seem even surprised that I’m acting strangely and places my soup in front of me. He’s asking Martin about a million questions. “Pepper?” “Olives?” “Ooh yes he decides. Oh dear god please leave I need to get this thing out. I manage to shift it out but then realise it’s resting on the metal part of my chair and now makes a loud deep external buzz. The waiter glares at me. Either I’m gonna cum or I Gotta get out. Martin is now crying with laughter as I jump up and hot foot it to the toilet. 
I spend the rest of the evening thinking my phone is going off. 
Never again. 

Rough with the smooth

Martin has arranged for us to stay in a nice hotel for the day with Sauna and spa facilities. Only the best for Daddies little princess…. oh I can accept that.

I spend all morning exfoliating, Buffing and shaving all the “bits” I swear since i became a slut ive never used to much moisturiser or razors! i used to only shave my legs for the summer.

I rush to get the train and realise i have forgotten my swimming costume. Bollocks i wont be using the pool!

I get to the hotel and Martin has already checked in and “sorted”out the room. We have a beer in the bar then make our way to the room.

I enter the room and I can see bits and bobs lying around. A paddle is lying on the table. Martin makes me stand in front of him and strip down to my underwear where i do and breathe in! he looks at me  admiringly and strokes me and looks very eagerly at me.

“Now as you have been a naughty girl you will need to be punished… do you understand?”

Now hang the fuck on…what have I done wrong??

You didn’t bring your swimming costume and you were slightly late… (5 fucking minutes!!) jesus I should just be grateful he’s not going all army on me and making me “get down and do ten” get down is possible… getting up might not be as easy.

Martin makes me bend over the bed and pulls down my knickers. He hits me six times in different places on my bottom (another joy of having a spacious arse!) he seems to be getting harder as they are starting to hurt. I can feel my leg shaking. It’s over and he orders me to lie on the bed where he has pulled out some under the bed restraints which secure my ankles and my hands so im like a star fish. He places a blindfold over my eyes and gives me some amazing orgasms with his mouth, his hands and then climbs on and cums pretty much straight away.

What an amazing afternoon – I’m exhausted. It’s amazing how it “takes it out of you”



Step daddy

Martin has been in contact and his profile has an extensive list of things he wants to experience. He’s high up in the army and married but separate lives. 
Something about him interests me. We chat on messages for a while and then we have a telephone conversation. He has a lovely Scottish accent and thinks we will be able to help each other in the role play of daddy and being my Dom. We arrange to meet for lunch the next day. 

Martin and I meet in the park and I’m pleasantly surprised. He doesn’t look 60. He still runs 5 miles every day and has a lovely physique. Very stern looking but I can already see he has a kind core from his soft eyes. He picks a lovely brasserie for lunch where he selects my wine and what we will be eating. We “discuss” what I would expect from him and what I would be expected to do. His rules don’t differ much from what I have been told to experience before again strict with the non smoking in his company. He understands if we are meeting for a long period of time I will be allowed to “disappear” he explains he will arrange a threesome with another male when I’m ready and we will attend a club with pools and jacuzzis where you are completely naked and others are encouraged to join in…. This sounds exciting! Sounds like I picked the right season to become a sex slave…. Martin arranges a day in a hotel for the following week and I cannot wait! 

Reality check 

Bill and I finally manage to make an arrangement to meet and he’s booked a London hotel for the day. Due to work he has to make a conference call first thing but I’m ok to wait in the room with him. 
He sets up his conference call and I do my best “I’m not here quietness”. Which turns out I’m not very good at. I open the metro. Wow who knew the paper could be so loud… He looks over and glances at me. His eyes still kind. But yes, ok quieter. God I’m bored. So I lay on the bed reading through Facebook. I am well aware I’m pulling my concentrating face (lips sticking out… ) and I look over to bill who is taking in every move I make and taking in every bit of me. (Lots of bits) 
He mouths to me “daddy is nearly finished princess” 
When Bill is finished he comes over to the bed and kisses me. “My beautiful princess distracting daddy from his work” he then goes into his rucksack and pulls out a little bottle of liquid. 
“If I start to have a heart attack just spray thing under my tongue and I should come round…. If I don’t call an ambulance” 
Fuck this shit just got real. What the hell do you mean if I don’t come round?! What if you have keeled over whilst still inside me?! Oh god I have never planned for death…. Or coronary attack. People had joked about this….. I reckon I’m gonna need to start carrying a defibrillator round along with my blindfold and rope…. (Oh yeah most women have make up. My bag has silk rope a blind fold and a hardened plastic ruler) 
The morning was in fact lovely. No one died and Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. He looks great for his age and his years of experience certainly shone through. 

Princess Bubble

Bill and I decided to meet at St Pancras station. I get there early so I have time to ditch the knickers (I remember the rule!) then take myself outside for a quick smoke…. “I’m here princess where are you?” I feel like a small child. Quickly throw away my cigarette and reply “I’m doing something very naughty daddy… Won’t be long” 
Arranging to meet under the clock I suddenly feel very nervous. Yes I love an older man. But over 20 years older?! I spot an elderly hunched over old man on a bench. Oh dear god no….. Then I see Bill. Wow. Ok he’s gorgeous. Looks like Martin Shaw?! Lovely and tanned in chinos and smart jacket. Ok yes he doesn’t look his age at all. Beautiful kind eyes as well. He looks very happy with me as he gives me two kisses on my cheeks and a gentle stroke down my back. I suggest Costa. “No my princess deserves waitress service”
We sit down and talk for ages, about our lives and what he has done and I think he’s amazing. Been on private jets all over the world down to how much he worships his dog. His best friend. The whole time I can feel his attraction to me. And it’s both ways. He touches my hand on the table and subtly holds it. My body tingles. 
“Let’s jump on the Eurostar and go to Paris” 

For a moment I think we both contemplate it. Weirdly I have my passport in my bag and so does he. How impulsive and exciting….. 

“Let’s get a beautiful hotel in Paris and explore each other”
Fuck. I gotta work. We both look and know we want to but real Life is stopping us. It’s time to leave and I don’t know what comes over me as I place a kiss on his lips and he reciprocates. The whole of the station disappears and it’s just us…. And it’s so nice. We kiss passionately not caring who can see us as I feel his hand go to the top of my trousers running his thumb around (checking for underwear I think)…. Suddenly we are pulled back to real life by a train announcement. 
“We need to meet again soon my beautiful princess” 
Hell yes we do… As I walk off on air. 


Bill is lovely. He is 59 and works high up in the government and is very well educated. He’s lovely looking and thinks all women are beautiful. 
Bill is married and his wife has recently put on some weight. He thinks she’s still beautiful but to her all women are only beautiful if they are slim. So she won’t allow him near her. How ironic that he has contacted me explaining how beautiful he thinks I am as a larger woman. 
Bill found out last year he had terminal cancer and wouldn’t make Christmas. All his family in front of him started splitting up his assets writing him off. But he decided to opt for chemo and recently got the all clear. Time to start thinking about himself and to be honest I totally agree. 
Bill explains he likes the idea of having a “princess” who he will have as his own as a daddy Dom. 

He lays out his rules. Which are very few. No underwear when we meet. And no other men without permission from him. 

When we correspond via email or message he usually starts with “good morning princess… Daddy here” 
Yeah at the beginning this feels weird. He checks I’m ok. That I’m happy and work is going well etc. How he wants to treat me and take me to beautiful places and how he wants to pleasure me sexually….. And after a while I get used to it. He’s so happy and I enjoy hearing about his interesting life of jet setting around the world. It just starts to flow naturally. 
He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful person in the world. 

“Princess let’s meet….”